Just gotten engaged? It can be very hard to find a venue and even a church or celebrant during the wedding season. This means that you may have to plan your wedding off season. It can be a bit scary when you decide that you will have your wedding in winter. The plusses are that you will be able to find a wedding venue, a celebrant and even your hens and bucks parties easier in the off season. It might even be easier for your guests to fit in and attend your wedding in winter, and off course there it is likely to be cheaper in the off season as well. But then there is the weather…


Winter weddings take a lot more planning. You WILL need a plan B. What happens if the weather is inclement on your big day? It takes an emotional shift as well as a physical one if you suddenly, on the morning of your big day, have to move everything inside, or worse, move to a different venue altogether.

Rain, wind or even snow does not mean bad omens for the big day. It’s just the weather! As long as everyone is safe and can get to the venue then it is still all on. Just put on your game face and know that this is ALL about you, and the love of your life. What is happening outside doesn’t matter at all. You wedding could be in a cow shed and the most important thing is that you and your beloved and your family and friends are there with you, oh and of course the celebrant.

If you are planning to marry in a church then the first part of the proceedings is straight forward. It would have to be a really big storm for anything to get in the way of the service at a church. (Churches are normally very well constructed so it is not likely to fall down in a storm no matter how big it is!) If you are getting married at a private venue then you will need to think about all the possibilities. Umbrellas are cheap and they can be fun. Have one for every three people at the wedding and everyone can snuggle in together. It is possibly better to plan for the event to happen indoors with maybe your plan B being that you could move outside if the weather is good.


Whatever the weather, you and your other half need to remember that no one cares. Yes the hair may get messed up and the dresses a bit wet but once the combs have been put away and the heaters are on, this is your special day. Everyone attending has been hand picked by you (or your mother), because you love and care about them and they are there because they feel the same. It’s your day, and no matter what the weather, as long as there has been a bit of forward planning, the day will be perfect even if it is raining cats and dogs.