4-6 Weeks Before Party

Choose a theme for the party

Pick a day, date and time for party.  The duration depends on the person’s age and when/where the party is being held.  A  typical party will usually last for 2 hours. Make out the guest list. For a child’s party always choose 1 guest per age of child.  For example if the child is 3 then  invite 3-4 children any more is too overwhelming. Pick and book venue for the party. Book the DJ. Choose activities and games you will play.  Make sure you have prizes as well and you can often match your prizes with your party’s theme. Purchase decorations, tableware, prizes, and favors, and  disposable cameras (they make great party favors) for the party.

2-3 Weeks Before Party


Send out invitations and include a specified date to RSVP by along with contact info. Plan the food and drinks menu.  Decide whether you will have finger foods, sit down meal, buffet style, etc.  Also decide whether you will be serving alcohol.Enlist any help you think you will need.  Will you need a baby sitter, someone to help cook, clean, set up , etc…..  Very time saving.

1-2 Weeks Before Party

Order the cake from your local baker or grocery store.  If you will be making your cake do a practice cake. Purchase ingredients for your cake if you are making it along with any other non perishable food and drink items. Order helium balloons.

3-4 Days Before Party

Go over guest list and call guests who have yet to respond. Call the party venue to give them a head count. Purchase any food you haven’t already gotten.  For example fresh veggies, fruits, etc…… Purchase batteries and film for cameras.  Also check to see if all are working.

1 Day Before Celebration

Prepare any food items that can be done ahead of time, also finish the cake if you are making it. If there will be children present, child proof the area and remove any breakable objects so your guests won’t accidentally break them.  Set out items you will need for your party.



Prepare any food that hasn’t been done. Decorate your party area. Pick up cake and balloons if you haven’t done so.  Waiting until the day of the party will instill the freshest cake  and you won’t have to worry about whether your balloons will last through the party. Make sure you take lots of pictures and video to remember the party by.

Most importantly have fun and relax. Remember this day is about celebrating whether it’s your child’s birthday, anniversary party, home coming, new baby etc…