How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Star

It’s a lot cheaper than you might think to go out and buy a star. If you’re asking yourself- ‘how much does it cost to buy a star,’ here are some guidelines.

Variation Based on Product
The exact cost is going to vary based on exactly what you’re getting. For example, if all you want is naming a star and nothing else, this often only costs under $50, although this does still vary considerably by itself anyway. But this doesn’t really make the gift feel especially real to your recipient. It’s often much better to get something else to go with the registration.

Web Pages
Some sites offer you  a web page that shows you the exact position of your star in the sky using tools like Googly Sky. It’s not like the star that you chose is always going to be extremely easy to find just by looking up, after all. You will  often need a little more help than that. By using a web page with help about your star’s position, you get a few options.

For one, and at the very least, you can study it and then go look up yourself to train yourself on how to find the star so you can spot it when you’re telling the gift’s recipient about what you got them. For another, you can show the recipient the location directly on the site at Name A Star Live so that they can gain such understanding as well.

Physical Gifts and Engravings
If you get them something that has an engraving of the scientific designation for the star that you chose, this also makes the gift more real. Depending on the package, a combination of engravings and star pages can bump the price up towards $100 or so, but you’ll often get quite a lot for your money in this case.

Gift packages can often include a lot of information and personalized touches like physical star chart representations, certificates, and so on. This can often be worth it if you really want to make the experience real for the person who gets the gift from you. But, if your goal is registration only, the cost is often quite low.

It is important to get going on registering today.


How to Organize A Party

4-6 Weeks Before Party

Choose a theme for the party

Pick a day, date and time for party.  The duration depends on the person’s age and when/where the party is being held.  A  typical party will usually last for 2 hours. Make out the guest list. For a child’s party always choose 1 guest per age of child.  For example if the child is 3 then  invite 3-4 children any more is too overwhelming. Pick and book venue for the party. Book the DJ. Choose activities and games you will play.  Make sure you have prizes as well and you can often match your prizes with your party’s theme. Purchase decorations, tableware, prizes, and favors, and  disposable cameras (they make great party favors) for the party.

2-3 Weeks Before Party


Send out invitations and include a specified date to RSVP by along with contact info. Plan the food and drinks menu.  Decide whether you will have finger foods, sit down meal, buffet style, etc.  Also decide whether you will be serving alcohol.Enlist any help you think you will need.  Will you need a baby sitter, someone to help cook, clean, set up , etc…..  Very time saving.

1-2 Weeks Before Party

Order the cake from your local baker or grocery store.  If you will be making your cake do a practice cake. Purchase ingredients for your cake if you are making it along with any other non perishable food and drink items. Order helium balloons.

3-4 Days Before Party

Go over guest list and call guests who have yet to respond. Call the party venue to give them a head count. Purchase any food you haven’t already gotten.  For example fresh veggies, fruits, etc…… Purchase batteries and film for cameras.  Also check to see if all are working.

1 Day Before Celebration

Prepare any food items that can be done ahead of time, also finish the cake if you are making it. If there will be children present, child proof the area and remove any breakable objects so your guests won’t accidentally break them.  Set out items you will need for your party.



Prepare any food that hasn’t been done. Decorate your party area. Pick up cake and balloons if you haven’t done so.  Waiting until the day of the party will instill the freshest cake  and you won’t have to worry about whether your balloons will last through the party. Make sure you take lots of pictures and video to remember the party by.

Most importantly have fun and relax. Remember this day is about celebrating whether it’s your child’s birthday, anniversary party, home coming, new baby etc…


Celebrate the 4th of July – Barbeque in Style

The 4th of July should be more than just an outdoor party or activity, boom it up for America.  Let’s start the morning by raising the American flag; it is Independence Day.  This is the day the Declaration of Independence laid the foundation for the US Constitution and nailed down the fundamental principles of freedom we still uphold to this day.  Show all friends and neighbours your allegiance to the United States of America.

Public Park BBQ/Father Son/Daughter Teaching Momen

More than two hundred years have passed since the United States declared its independence from Britain and from anyone else who threatens our beloved freedom.  It is not just that one year, 1776, that we are celebrating; it is for every year since that date which we maintain our freedom.  So lets’ celebrate with picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings. As you are entertaining your guests on this precious day, enlighten them with some fun trivia about the Fourth of July.  Did you know that only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?  They were John Hancock and Charles Thomson.  The state of Massachusetts was the first to recognize this day as a Holiday in 1781 and the US congress waited until 1941 to declare it a holiday.  The government sure does move slowly.  The first anniversary was celebrated with fireworks and parades.  Today, most states outlaw fireworks and you need a permit to organize a parade, but we can still have our barbeque.

It’s time to spruce up grill and prepare for the day ahead.  Soon the guests will be arriving.  Items not needed nor wanted are balloons that only get caught in the trees or fancy paper stuff all around your yard creating a cheap atmosphere; instead we need the true and distinctive look of America at its best.  It does not have to expensive to impress your guests.  It is the quality and thought provoking medium of your decorations that will empress.  What you’re looking for is items of class and functionality that will set you apart from the rest.

What I have in mind is a functional decoration depicting the United States in its inception.  This is, of course, coasters and coaster holders richly engraved with scenes from the Revolutionary War, the Old North Church, and of course, the Old North Bridge.  Paul Revere’s Ride is always a hit.  These coasters can be designed with engraved pictures of early Americana and include saying such as “One if by Land, Two if by Sea” or “The Red Coates are coming.”  Everyone knows what that means.  Then you can sit back and relax as the conversations begin from the first guest to the last.

Any old drab coaster will not be very impressive.  I prefer to use cork coasters.  They are light weight, slip resistant, absorbent and easy to clean.  If you wish to spend a little more money and really get lavish; the black marble coaster will really catch the eye of the most unscrupulous observer.  Let’s not stop at the coaster itself.  It’s the picture and words will grab the attention.The picture must clear and crisp.  I find that laser engraved pictures can produce dramatic results.  The image is burned into the cork or marble surface and will not rub off or wear off and can be very detailed.  Then the words come into play.  Choose an Independence Day getting phrase such as “The Old North Church,” or “Paul Revere’s Ride,” or even “Independence Day – 2009.”  Whatever phrase you choose, the wording should complement the picture.


In conclusion, the theme on your coaster must match the theme of your party.  This is true not only for the fourth of July, but for all celebrations.  If you are having a fund raiser for breast cancer, you would choose the appropriate logos and sayings attributed to the cause.  Religious gatherings are great; include biblical pictures or quote different Psalms.  If you are having relatives over for an outdoor barbeque, funny pictures of hotdogs or chips on the run might work.  Once you start thinking, the possibilities are endless and rewarding.



Are You Planning A Winter Wedding

Just gotten engaged? It can be very hard to find a venue and even a church or celebrant during the wedding season. This means that you may have to plan your wedding off season. It can be a bit scary when you decide that you will have your wedding in winter. The plusses are that you will be able to find a wedding venue, a celebrant and even your hens and bucks parties easier in the off season. It might even be easier for your guests to fit in and attend your wedding in winter, and off course there it is likely to be cheaper in the off season as well. But then there is the weather…


Winter weddings take a lot more planning. You WILL need a plan B. What happens if the weather is inclement on your big day? It takes an emotional shift as well as a physical one if you suddenly, on the morning of your big day, have to move everything inside, or worse, move to a different venue altogether.

Rain, wind or even snow does not mean bad omens for the big day. It’s just the weather! As long as everyone is safe and can get to the venue then it is still all on. Just put on your game face and know that this is ALL about you, and the love of your life. What is happening outside doesn’t matter at all. You wedding could be in a cow shed and the most important thing is that you and your beloved and your family and friends are there with you, oh and of course the celebrant.

If you are planning to marry in a church then the first part of the proceedings is straight forward. It would have to be a really big storm for anything to get in the way of the service at a church. (Churches are normally very well constructed so it is not likely to fall down in a storm no matter how big it is!) If you are getting married at a private venue then you will need to think about all the possibilities. Umbrellas are cheap and they can be fun. Have one for every three people at the wedding and everyone can snuggle in together. It is possibly better to plan for the event to happen indoors with maybe your plan B being that you could move outside if the weather is good.


Whatever the weather, you and your other half need to remember that no one cares. Yes the hair may get messed up and the dresses a bit wet but once the combs have been put away and the heaters are on, this is your special day. Everyone attending has been hand picked by you (or your mother), because you love and care about them and they are there because they feel the same. It’s your day, and no matter what the weather, as long as there has been a bit of forward planning, the day will be perfect even if it is raining cats and dogs.