How Much Does It Cost to Buy A Star

It’s a lot cheaper than you might think to go out and buy a star. If you’re asking yourself- ‘how much does it cost to buy a star,’ here are some guidelines.

Variation Based on Product
The exact cost is going to vary based on exactly what you’re getting. For example, if all you want is naming a star and nothing else, this often only costs under $50, although this does still vary considerably by itself anyway. But this doesn’t really make the gift feel especially real to your recipient. It’s often much better to get something else to go with the registration.

Web Pages
Some sites offer you  a web page that shows you the exact position of your star in the sky using tools like Googly Sky. It’s not like the star that you chose is always going to be extremely easy to find just by looking up, after all. You will  often need a little more help than that. By using a web page with help about your star’s position, you get a few options.

For one, and at the very least, you can study it and then go look up yourself to train yourself on how to find the star so you can spot it when you’re telling the gift’s recipient about what you got them. For another, you can show the recipient the location directly on the site at Name A Star Live so that they can gain such understanding as well.

Physical Gifts and Engravings
If you get them something that has an engraving of the scientific designation for the star that you chose, this also makes the gift more real. Depending on the package, a combination of engravings and star pages can bump the price up towards $100 or so, but you’ll often get quite a lot for your money in this case.

Gift packages can often include a lot of information and personalized touches like physical star chart representations, certificates, and so on. This can often be worth it if you really want to make the experience real for the person who gets the gift from you. But, if your goal is registration only, the cost is often quite low.

It is important to get going on registering today.